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Welcome to the official Website of the FCI Mondioring World Championship 2023 


Note: This site is under construction and will be updated.

Portugal is delighted to organize this fantastic Mondioring event and as organizers, the Portuguese Mondioring's Association (Associação Portuguesa de Clubes e Praticantes de Mondioring), the Portuguese Canine Organization (Clube Português de Canicultura) and the City Council (Câmara Municipal de Mafra) will do everything to fulfill all expectations.




If you are interested in partnerships and sponsorships please contact us via email:

Mafra Accommodations:

complete list here!

Motorhome guide:

find it here!

The recommended option is:

Parque Intermodal do Alto da Vela


in Portugal

Mondioring has been practiced and spreading in Portugal for several years.

According to this evolution, we're delighted of embracing the honor to organize the event of the upcoming World Championship.

It has been a goal in the past years for the portuguese commission of the mondioring to hold this organization.

We hope that you'll enjoy as much as possible our country, and the World Championship. 

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